Ritual Footpath 2009 Video 3 min

Constructed entirely from previously unseen photographs of Kingsley Hall, East London, in the period of disuse following the tenancy of RD Laing’s controversial psycho-theraputical commune, Ritual Footpath is a journey into a psychological space, both real and imagined.

In the Trees 2004 Video 12min

A man out for a walk in a wood is pursued by a malevolent talking sparrow. Mild provocation turns to psychological torture as the bird reveals the man’s future, and his ultimate destiny.

A Visitor 1999 16mm film to video transfer 6min

A study of the Sir John Soane museum and its inhabitants becomes a ghostly invocation inspired by one of the museum’s least noticed exhibits.

Stream 2000 16mm film to video transfer 4min

A portrait of a stream and fields familiar to the artist since childhood accompanied by ambient sound, the water’s course flowing through thoughts of the past and images of the present.

Hollow Moon 2012 Video approx 24min

‘I told you I had seen someone in the street who seemed very familiar. By the time I saw her again I had already decided to follow her…’A woman describes a number of strange encounters framed by two solar events. As the story concludes with a moment of self-realisation, a second voice takes over and the story begins again.Commissioned by Whitstable Biennale 2012. Produced in association with Pundersons Gardens.

Your Actual Everyday 2004 16mm film to video transfer 9min

Originally made as a film installation for St Edmund King and Martyr church, London, Your Actual Every Day is a record of a literal fragmented and faltering awakening. An everyman describes drifting in and out of consciousness and consequential fluctuations in self belief – spirituality in its most ordinary but universal sense

Between Stations 2002 Video 10min

Deprived of their voices, four radio actors explore the former sound recording department of BBC Broadcasting House, as if suspended in a world of atmospheric sound. Commissioned by BBC Development.

Trajan Reel 2005 16mm film to video transfer 2min

A single ascent of the staircase concealed within Trajan’s Column, Rome, recorded on a single 100ft Roll of 16mm film. Commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Museum.